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Handmade in Holland, Waterdream boats are uniquely designed to make your dream come true

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Waterdream builds and designs premium, handcrafted aluminium boats. Our boats are all-rounders, combining the excitement of a speedboat with the comfort of a family cruiser. We specialise in high-end dayboats, luxury tenders, and a modern version of the traditional Dutch sloep.

In fact, it all started with the sloep. This boat is immensely popular with larger groups, mainly because it provides an ultra-comfortable ride and a huge amount of living space due to its special underwater hull.

Our sloeps are extremely versatile. You can use them for water skiing, wakeboarding, or simply cruising the sea. And since all our boats are handmade, you can customise them exactly to your wishes.
Waterdream Sloeps & Tenders
Waterdream boats cruising around Ibiza. The perfect dayboats for cruising, family excursions or wakeboarding. Our boats are handmade and made to order. Now also for sale in the Balearic Islands.
Our boats
Our boats are known for their stability, ease of use, minimal maintenance, and unique Dutch design.
Venetian Tender
Amsterdam, Netherlans

LOA 11,78

Beam 3,5
Draft 0,88
Airdraft 1,86
Three good reasons to choose us
Every day we work hard to make our clients' lives better and happier.
High Quality
Handmade Dutch quality that can be endlessly customised.
A gentle cruiser, a family boat, or the ultimate seaworthy speedboat.
Superb attention to detail. A full service providing maintenance, storage, and harbour facilities. We'll even take your boats to your dream location for you, and provide custom accessories, clothing, a seabob, and SUP boards.

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