Waterdream S-1100
The ultimate 37-foot dayboat.
Designed and handmade in Holland.
LOA: 11 m
Waterline Length: 10.7 m
Beam: 3.65 m
Cabin Height: 172 cm
Draft: 100 cm
Water Displacement: approx. 2,300 kg
Vertical Clearance: 200 cm
Main engines: 2x Yamaha F300 (2 x 300 hp) 45 knots (90 km/h)
1x Yamaha F300 (300 hp) 29 knots (54 km/h)
Material: 5 mm aluminium
Design & Naval architect: Mulder Design
Range 162 Nautical Miles

Standard features

Large cabin with shower and toilet that sleeps four
Large cabin (seats >25)
Enormous sundeck
Side door, water entry platform on the side of the boat
Space to hold all your water-sports gear, e.g. SUP boards, seabob, etc.
70L water
900L Fuel
Spacious cabin
High-end finish, handmade in Holland

The S-1100 Shooting Brake is the latest model in the already impressive Waterdream S range, joining the S-550, S-740, S-850 and S-850 Speedster. This handcrafted boat has a beam of 3.60 metres, and 2 metres' clearance.

The Waterdream S-1100 - our 37-foot sloep
The sloep is a uniquely Dutch concept. It offers the most interior space for its size, is super-stable, fast and child-friendly. It's also ideal for water-sports.

The 37-foot S-1100 Shooting Brake can reach 43 knots, sleeps four, and makes a perfect boat for water-skiing.

What makes the S-1100 Shooting Brake so unique is that combines all the agility of the S-850 Speedster in a boat that can also take you on vacation. Technological refinements such as unrivalled interior space and a super-fast hull make the S-1100 Shooting Brake the ultimate 37-foot dayboat.

Besides unique maintenance features and a self-draining cockpit, the S-1100 Shooting Brake also has several luxury features, ranging from air-conditioning to a sun-shade covering the entire cockpit. This boat even enables true water-sports enthusiasts to undertake long sea voyages, or go water-skiing. There is also sufficient storage space for two SUP boards, for example. Four spacious berths and comfortable seating for up to 27 people make this seaworthy boat ideal for a party on the water.

The S-1100 can be fitted with Yamaha F350 outboard engines (equipped with optional Helm MasterĀ® steering control for precise manoeuvrability). With the S-1100's smart hull design, these extremely powerful V8 engines can push it to a top speed of 90 km/h.