Waterdream S-550
S-550 5.50-metre sloep, 10-60 hp
powered by Yamaha

LOA: 5.50 m
Beam: 265 cm
Cabin height: approx. 95cm
Vertical clearance: approx. 100cm
Top speed: approx. 50 km/h* (*depending on the engine)
Material: aluminium

Standard features

Hydraulic steering
Bow eye for ski tow
10 hp Yamaha engine
Seaworthy, low-maintenance and very fast

Waterdream developed the S-550 together with Yamaha. Our entry model can easily carry eight people and has just the same qualities as its bigger brothers: speed, stability, handmade aluminium construction, low-maintenance, and agility.

The S-550 Sloep

This spacious sloep combines the charm of the old lifeboats with the excitement of a modern speedboat. Agile and stable, the S-550 can be used for all-year boating, and even wakeboarding. The boat is powered by Yamaha, starting at 10 hp and up to 60 hp. The boat is also self-bailing.